Be the change you want to see

'Change' is a term we use so casually until this very term manifests itself into extremities. These extremities can be both good and bad.In the year 2019 the term associated itself with a chaotic. 'Climate Change' or 'Chaotic change' which led to the whole world experiencing drastic climate conditions.

Our very city, Mumbai experienced summer too close to the sun with the degrees shooting to 45 degree celsius. Then came the rain, with a motive to never end, midway nearly drowning the Mumbaikars in September and continuing to November. Here we are in December, which decided to put a no show, sliding this month into summer.

Not to mention the storm and cyclones randomly showing up now and then. Amid all this chaos, we did wake up to understanding how destructive this change can be. We heard the cries and uproar in the struggle to fight climate change.

A plea of a 16-year-old Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg questioned every council and parliament on their responsibility sense towards today's and upcoming generation, their false promises on providing a better environment to live in. She was joined by millions of children all around the world and this movement continues.

Indeed a chaos, but from this resurfaced the concepts of conscious living, minimalism, being aware of the environment and individual contribution towards its betterment.Change this year seems like a mess but it's up to us to keep it as a mess or organize it, leading to a 'Greener & sustainable' change.

Your home is the start of every big change. Making small and individual lifestyle changes, becoming independent of external influences, aware your fellow neighbours into adopting a greener lifestyle.

It is said to be a practice to become a habit takes 21days, so start now! A fresh start as we say is around few away for us to welcome - the new year. Making fresh resolutions but then again having a tough time to keep up hence enter the new year with greener and better you working towards a sustainable future.

“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”- Paulo Coehlo

Monalisa Mukherjee

Programme Assistant