Past Events

Marine Walk­- 8th December 2018

Our campaigners were all set once again to pay a visit to our marine neighbours, this time at Juhu Chowpatty. Students from 12 school participated in this event along with their parents and teachers.

In our second marine walk, we witnessed the beauty of the brittle star, the sensitive little porcelain crab, the wiggly spaghetti worm and many such beautiful creatures that live in our vicinity. Not only did the kids see all these creatures, but also learnt about them from the Marine Life of Mumbai team who gave the students detailed information about each of the creatures.

We were glad to see the enthusiasm of the kids and hope that they take back much from these magnificent creatures!

Filmmaking Workshop

GreenLine had its third workshop on 3rd November 2018 on Film-Making where 45 students along with 14 parents and teachers were present.

Videography is not just about shooting a video, it’s the art of conveying a message. Right from holding the phone in the right position to trimming it down to only what’s necessary in the video, the students learnt tips and tricks of videography and shot few videos by themselves of the Don Bosco school campus which were then screened and the students were helped correct their mistakes.

With Fraser as our resource person, this workshop proved to be very helpful and handy to the students as their vacation task based on making a film.

You can see the video of this workshop here.

Marine Walk-23rd October 2018

On the 23rd of October 2018, 25 students along with their teacher/parent from 7 schools assembled opposite CCD, Carter Road to participate in a marine walk. 3 members from Marine Life Of Mumbai (MLOM) guided us along the rocky shore for a span of one and a half hour.

Hermit crabs, Sea sponges, Nerite snails, Sea anemone, polychaete worms, mudskippers were some of the shore animals we sighted. Our students were amazed by most of these miniature creatures and jaw-dropped at the facts shared by Jessica, Nikhil and Gaurav from MLOM.

“One must not underestimate the power of a tiny creature” is what one of the teachers had to say.

It was disheartening to see a lot of plastic enmeshed between the roots of the mangroves, and yet among all the rubbish were some really unique and thriving life forms.

The students learnt about the richness of biodiversity along our coast. It was a knowledgeable and fun-filled evening as we hopped between tide-pools witnessing marine creatures and sunset.

Green Cart: Shop Clean Workshop

The workshop was held on the 27th of September, 2018. 50 students from 16 schools across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Lonavla participated in the workshop.

Our resource person Mr. Kaustubh Bhagat conducted the workshop. He gave an insight on the recent ban on a few one-time use plastics. He also spoke about certain plastics like plastic plates, spoons, bowls etc. that can be replaced with biodegradable cutlery like Areca nut plates, wooden spoons etc.

“A striking example of an edible cutlery is a cone/waffle to hold your ice-cream” is what he said. He mentioned of a few Municipal markets in Mumbai that one can purchase biodegradable cutlery. “One does not have to worry about the number of plastic bins or the number of utensils to wash after a party, one can just hire cutlery from a local decorator or caterer” he added.

The students found the workshop informative and interesting.

International Coastal Clean-Up Day, 15th September 2018

International Coastal Clean-Up Day and World Clean-Up Day coincided this year. Our campaigners enthusiastically got their hands dirty for a cause. 5 schools with nearly 150 students conducted a clean-up at Juhu, Mahim and Dadar beach along with their teachers and other volunteers.

The students spent nearly 2 hours cleaning the beach and after seeing all the trash found on the beach and in the water, they realized how brutally we have damaged our beautiful mother nature. Food packaged in the year 2016 and earlier were found buried in the sand. This is the sad reality of today.

We hope that like our campaigners, many more people realize how their trash affects the ocean!

Nature Trail at Sanjay Gandhi National Park- 25th August, 2018

Green Schools Campaign held its first outdoor event: A nature trail to Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the 25th of August, 2018. 70 participants and 18 schools took part in this event. The trail consisted of a walk along the Shilonda trail that spans a distance of 3 km from the entrance to the end.

The trail extends eastward from its entry, towards Kanheri Hill, and the forest is dense & green. The students were amazed to know the history of SGNP, its vastness and the number of insects, reptiles, birds and mammals that the national park situated in the midst of a city, is home to. Students enjoyed themselves by a river that cuts through the park, and is wild during the monsoon. This visit allowed the kids to have a short but amazing experience among the wild, along with learning about the biodiversity like the Soccer ball tree, Sesame plant, the Pagoda ant nest and the Signature spider, to name a few.

All in all, it was a fun and "know-how" filled Saturday!

Low-waste Living Workshop

Low Waste Living- Cut down your Crap workshop was conducted at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga on 11th of August, 2018, with our resource person Mehndi Shivdasani a.k.a. Conscious Chokri who in a very creative way taught the students how to cut down on waste and make their own homemade products that are beneficial for their health and the environment.

Mehndi began with showing the students a video on our plastic ending up into the ocean, after which she introduced them to what Zero Living is all about, followed by how she cuts down her waste and uses environment friendly and home-made products for herself.

The students were then taught to make their own shampoo with the use of Soapnut and Shikakai and their own body scrub using grounded Coffee and Tea powder, Sugar and Coconut oil, all of which are easily available at one's home.

With a good number of 66 students accompanied by 25 parents and teachers from 22 schools across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Lonavala, the first workshop of the Green Schools Campaign 2018-2019 was a huge success!