Climate Action Week

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Globally, students and youngsters have taken to the streets to voice their concerns on how policymakers are currently handling the climate crisis. This year's 'Climate Strike Week' will go down in history as the story of how millions of youngsters got leaders to pay attention.

In Mumbai, our awareness of this movement is dismal. Even though our city is mostly a coastal low lying area, prone to extreme weather events (as is evident with this year's monsoon season), both of which put our city at risk to the dire consequences of climate change, awareness amongst youngsters, who stand to be the most ill effected is abysmal. Given this background, GreenLine's goal this Climate Strike Week was to spread awareness of the Climate Crisis to our Green School Campaigners whose futures will be directly impacted by the ill-effects of the climate crisis.

‘Climate Awareness Week’ the title for our series of workshops aimed at getting our Green Schools Campaigners to become part of the Climate Crisis Dialogue. Our goal was to get our Green School Campaigners to:

  1. Become aware of the Climate Crisis.
  2. Become aware that their futures are at stake.
  3. Come up with small ways they can work toward a better future.
  4. Become motivated to spread awareness about the crisis to their friends and parents.

The goal of the ‘Climate Strike’ world over is to get the adults in power to put policies in place that work towards a better future. The goal of GreenLine’s Climate Action week was to create Climate Action Warriors who will help spread the awareness of the climate crisis along with voicing the urgency of change.

Every small change counts.

Everyone counts.

Its time we all start taking charge of own future, after all, it is our future that's at risk.

Anoushka Viegas,

Programme Coordinator