Teachers Orientation Programme 2019-2020

GreenLine kicked off with the 10th edition of our Green Schools Campaign (2019-20) with the Teachers Orientation Program on 3rd July 2019.

The program began with a video clip of student activist Greta Thunberg. This inspirational video highlighted how a 16-year-old can set an example of bringing Climate Change issue into the limelight. She taught the world even if we are young, we must realize that if we want a clean environment it is our responsibility to bring about a change in the system.

This year's theme "Breathe Free" was then introduced to the teachers by our new Director Fr. Chris Valentino. The program then continued with the documentary “Death by Breath". The documentary revolves around the present scenario of Delhi's air quality. It explains the destructive effects caused by vehicular emission on the people residing in our capital city and the trial execution of the odd-even scheme in Delhi. It reflects a very relevant message that the involvement of the Government and public is equally important to minimize air pollution.

We later had Dr Ketki Marthak, an ENT Specialist, who spoke about the effects of Air Pollution on our health and the warning signs we must pay attention to. She insisted that we should not take air pollution lightly because the toll air pollution has on our health and our loved ones are too expensive to ignore.

Post this, the teachers were given a run through about the flow of this year’s campaign, how their performance would be evaluated as well as how their contribution towards the campaign will benefit the environment.

Ishani Mehta,

Programme Assistant