About Us


Greener People, Greener World


Getting people informed, interested and involved in environmental issues in Mumbai.


We believe that creating the right space for people to become environmental contributors is important. And so we seek to be:

  • A platform that brings people together to explore eco-friendly lifestyles that positively impact the environment.

  • A forum that provides people the space to discuss their ideas and gain the support to actually implement them.

  • A movement that links together people who are passionate about protecting and promoting the environment.

We work towards this by conducting education-action programmes in schools, involving citizens in neighbourhood environmental initiatives, identifying and promoting green innovations by individuals and institutions, and partnering with organisations on environmental and civic issues.

Since our work is not restricted to fixed projects, we are always looking for new ideas. So if you have a green idea, innovation or even simply more questions, contact us.


Fr Leon Cruz


Sandra Pereira

Programme Coordinator

Keren Pereira

Programme Officer GSC

Zia Shaikh

Programme Officer GLV

Ashwini Jadhav

Programme Officer GLI