Green Schools Campaign

Green Schools Campaign

The Green Schools Campaign is an exciting hands-on programme, open to all schools in Mumbai, that educates children on their responsibility towards the environment and also offers them the opportunity to actually be involved in relevant environmental projects! This Campaign took off in 2010 with 12 participating schools and that number has now grown to over 50 schools!

The theme for the Tenth Edition (2019-2020) of the Campaign is ‘Breathe Free’! Breathing freely and breathing clean air, which should be the most normal action in our lives, has now almost become a luxury! Air Pollution today is not only one of the biggest environmental challenges that we face, it has emerged as one of the largest global killers! Toxic substances which pollute the air such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ground-level ozone, particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons and lead, are all harmful to human health and can eventually cause death and in a mega city like Mumbai, this problem gets further exacerbated!

Hence, this year’s theme will focus on educating the students towards:

Restoring our Indoor: Learning about Indoor Air Pollution and its solutions

Reviving our Surrounding: Learning about Outdoor Air Pollution, causes and solutions

Realizing our Responsibility: Realizing how we in our daily life contribute to Air Pollution and how we can make a lifestyle change.

At the close of each edition of the Campaign, the best performing school receives the ‘Greenest School Award’ which consists of a citation plaque and a cash prize. The most active student from every participating school receives a ‘Green Champ’ award. Several other prizes for performance and innovation are also awarded.

The Campaign themes so far:

2019-2020: Breathe Free

2018-2019: Not In My Ocean

2017-2018: Go Trash-less

2016-2017: Jal Ka Jhol

2015-2016: Fauna Watch

2014-2015: Tree Rangers

2013-2014: Green Alternatives

2012-2013: Urban Biodiversity

2011-2012: Green Efficiency

2010-2011: Going Green

If your school is interested in joining the Green Schools Campaign, please write to us at