Green Schools Campaign


The Green Schools Campaign is an exciting hands-on programme, open to all schools in Mumbai, that educates children on their responsibility towards the environment and also offers them the opportunity to actually be involved in relevant environmental projects! This Campaign took off in 2010 with 12 participating schools and that number has now grown to over 50 schools!

The theme for the Twelfth Edition (2021-2022) of the Campaign is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’!

The changing time has led to many changes in our lives & ecosystem over years. Post industrial revolution, we humans have exponentially used up earth’s resources thereby disturbing the balance of nature. From mining, deforestation, overfishing, quarrying, rapid urbanization & concretization, polluting rivers, soil, air & oceans we have left no stone unturned while obtaining the resources from Mother Earth in the most ruthless manner. Our actions have magnified the effect & the climatic changes that we are experiencing today is the result of our own actions.

The urgency is such that the United Nations have declared this decade as a decade of Ecological Restoration. This is our last resort to revive the ecosystems that are damaged due to our actions. It has never been so urgent to revive the damaged ecosystem than it is today. If nature thrives, so shall we.

It is for this reason that we at GreenLine have realised that it is time to take action & act up in accordance with our knowledge to ensure that we restore the already damaged ecosystem around us, for us and the generations to come. This year’s campaign aims to engage the students in understanding the concept of ecological restoration and encourage them to take action for restoring the ecosystems step by step.

The campaign will be divided into three sessions:

Session 1: Understanding the concept of Ecological Restoration & it’s importance during current times - Understanding Eco-restoration!

Session 2: Understanding how any degraded ecosystem is restored using various techniques - The Restoration Plan!

Session 3: Learning about different places in our vicinity, our country & abroad where they have successfully restored/ are restoring the ecosystem of that particular area. - Eco-restoration around us!

At the close of each edition of the Campaign, the best performing school receives the ‘Greenest School Award’ which consists of a citation plaque. The most active student from every participating school receives a ‘Green Champ’ award. Several other prizes for performance and innovation are also awarded.

The Campaign themes so far:

2021-2022: Ecosystem Restoration

2020-2021: Sustainability & Me

2019-2020: Breathe Free

2018-2019: Not In My Ocean

2017-2018: Go Trash-less

2016-2017: Jal Ka Jhol

2015-2016: Fauna Watch

2014-2015: Tree Rangers

2013-2014: Green Alternatives

2012-2013: Urban Biodiversity

2011-2012: Green Efficiency

2010-2011: Going Green

If your school is interested in joining the Green Schools Campaign, please write to us at