Green Schools Campaign


The Green Schools Campaign is an exciting hands-on programme, open to all schools in Mumbai, that educates children on their responsibility towards the environment and also offers them the opportunity to actually be involved in relevant environmental projects! This Campaign took off in 2010 with 12 participating schools and that number has now grown to over 50 schools!

The theme for the Thirteenth Edition (2022-2023) of the Campaign will be about the MCAP

Climate action plans are comprehensive roadmaps that outline specific activities that can be undertaken to reduce emissions and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Mumbai’s Climate Action Plan has been drafted by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) with technical support from WRI India, engaged as a knowledge partner.

The Mumbai Climate Action Plan is in the process of being drafted and will be the outcome of multiple stakeholder consultations. Key activities that are being undertaken as part of the Climate Action Plan include:

-Highlighting demographic data and defining socio-economic and ecological features of the city of Mumbai

-Creating a ‘climate profile’ of the city

-Conducting in-depth sector analysis across six key sectors

-Setting tangible emission reduction goals for Mumbai

-Developing actions and implementation strategies

While the MCAP focuses on 6 target areas, Green School's Campaign will focus on only two for this year:

-Sustainable Waste Management

-Urban Greening and Biodiversity

Read more about MCAP:

The Campaign themes so far:

2021-2022: Ecosystem Restoration

2020-2021: Sustainability & Me

2019-2020: Breathe Free

2018-2019: Not In My Ocean

2017-2018: Go Trash-less

2016-2017: Jal Ka Jhol

2015-2016: Fauna Watch

2014-2015: Tree Rangers

2013-2014: Green Alternatives

2012-2013: Urban Biodiversity

2011-2012: Green Efficiency

2010-2011: Going Green

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