Green Lifestyle Initiative

Choosing an urban lifestyle that does NOT devastate the environment is not rocket science. With this campaign we at GreenLine would like to make more accessible the knowledge that a Green Lifestyle in the Urban Jungle is possible. Join us to learn more about how you can Go Green! We conduct workshops on:

Gardening –

Gardening keeps you in direct contact with the earth, the soil and with nature. But living in the city can make it a bit difficult. With workshops on windowsill, herb, vegetable and microgreen gardening we hope to bring to you the fact that gardening in the cities needs patience and understanding of nature in equal measure.

Nature Appreciation –

When was the last time you identified the trees on the road that give you shade? Living in the city, we are not as isolated from nature as we think we are. We have avenue trees, nature parks, a long shore line, mud flats and our city is host to a variety of bird species, both native and migrant. Learn more about these fellow Mumbaikars through our nature appreciation walks and trails.

Green Choices –

A 21st century urban lifestyle needs 21st century eco-friendly practices if we truly want to be sustainable in the long run. These workshops range from nutrition to low waste living to composting, all to teach us that a healthy you equals a healthy environment!

Beginners Guide on Home Composting.pdf
A Multipurpose Natural Cleaner -Bioenzyme.pdf

Past Workshops

Green Lifestyle Initiative Report 2020 - 2021

Green Lifestyle Initiative Report (Feb 2020- Feb 2021 ).pdf

February 2020 - February 2021