Green Lifestyle Initiative

Green Lifestyle Initiative

It’s fascinating to see the growing interest in environmental issues among citizens! Individuals, families, housing societies and locality groups are increasingly looking for ways in which they can contribute towards the green movement! But the question they often ask is: what can we do, given the many constraints of our hectic city lives? The Green Lifestyle Initiative is the perfect answer to that question!

The Green Lifestyle Initiative enables citizens adopt a lifestyle that reduces environmental damage and gets them actively involved in environmental protection.

Some of the lifestyle features we are focusing on are:

  • Healthy foods and healthy living
  • Growing your own veggies on your windowsill/balcony
  • Managing your waste efficiently
  • Home composting your wet waste
  • Eco- friendly products and home deco

Get introduced to a Green Lifestyle through our totally free:

Workshops: These workshops offer hands-on training on topics such as waste management, windowsill gardening, recycling and upcycling, healthy diet, etc.

Chat Sessions: An opportunity for residents of a housing society/locality to meet persons who have achieved something significant in the environmental field and discuss ideas with them that can be replicated in their own homes or localities.

Backyard Appreciation Walks: Weekend morning walks conducted by experts in the field that introduce you to the nature in your own neighbourhoods – trees, birds, butterflies, etc.

Citizens Campaigns: Get involved in environmental campaigns going on in Mumbai, or avail of our support to launch your own initiatives such as tree plantation drives, clean neighbourhoods, etc.

Monthly Newsletter: Read our short e-bulletin which presents relevant green lifestyle ideas that can be easily implemented.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Green Lifestyle Initiative, please write to us at