A Message to Mother Nature

(Lockdown and Environment)

The bliss of this quiet period. You are thriving from within, away from all of these toxic people that surrounded you, just to see you fall. It's quite sad that we won't get to witness these days that you are blossoming. It is now that we are locked within the realms of these 4 walls that we realize your importance. But finally, you are set free; fly little birds, skip young deers, bloom beautiful roses, and race gallant horses for there is no one to stop you.

Explore the most real realms of the earth while we perpetrators are locked inside and you can flourish. Your ventilation has at last been detached from the toxins known as us humans. When we finally come out of this, the world will reopen to new wellbeing. We shall stand kinder, more solicitous, more appreciative, and more understanding of the beauty of life and put our main mission as preserving you, Mother Nature.

It makes me wonder whether we can undo the everlasting damage we have done to the fauna of your environment. It is now that I am deprived of your presence, that I realize your beauty and will never cease to take it for granted. Now that we are locked inside, you are finally restoring, reconciling, and healing through the trauma we have hit across you over these several years. We shall rebuild our connection with you like never before, and make it a better place for you to further thrive in.

My biggest dream right now is to see you the way astronauts have; healed and in its alluring, raw nature. And may we never turn a blind eye to what lay beyond and around us, the bountiful and extravagant creation that is You. It feels like your back in your childhood years, abandoned from your troubles and bouncing back to your old self, the one we have deeply missed.

Nature is the light in our lives whenever we are in a dark place, it never ceases to resist its charm with its ecstatic view. Release your inner beauty Mother Nature, for we will never take it for granted ever again.

- Fathima Rasha Riyas

Winner of Writing Competition May 2020