“Afterall, we (humans) are just a species!”

Humans”, the most unpredictable species. So many trees have been cut down for the sake of humans. Thinkinh of a world without oxygen is unimaginable. Have you ever thought of the Earth without “human species”? Just imagine how it will be! There would not be any animals, plants, birds or insects’ species extinct due to humans. Within few weeks, plants will begin to take over apartments/buildings and wildlife will start to bloom, re-colonize towns and cities. Endangered animals will get a chance and space to multiply themselves again. Global warming, temperature and sea levels will begin to fall. Oceans, rivers and seas might become clear. The world will completely thrive without electricity. Soil will rejuvenate and fertile, and this list could go on!

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Do we really need such a fast forward drastic development? Why do we need this much development, or should I say destruction of nature in the name of development? We too, like the others around, are just another species. Why can’t we also live in one with nature, together, without changing her, and instead changing our own nature in order to harmonize and connect with her like other creatures live? Why can’t we grow plants, trees and build a forest the way our ancestors did, rather than creating cities and towns? Why can’t we be satisfied with what we have!! Renovate or create something new out of old instead of craving for newer things? It’s time we think more consciously in a conservative manner.

Everything in this world is based upon the five elements gifted by our Mother Earth. Without sky, all living creature would die. There would be no rains, no winds, no fire and no ozone layer (which is what is acting as a protective shield layer against harmful chemicals and radiations that we ourselves are generating through our actions, our own deeds.) We are digging our own grave, aren’t we?! Think about it!

If we continue our greed and live unsatisfied, we will ultimately land up with “no life”. Why are we choking our breath with our own hands? Suffocating our gifted life from Mother Nature with our own karma.

For everyone loves a mother. We write poems, stories and create movies to celebrate them. What does that mean!!? Is it the word that really matters to us or the person? The way we reciprocate our love towards our biological mothers is the same love we should reciprocate to our Mother Earth, which is where we fail as humans! We are indebted to her, just like we are to our biological mothers. If we can’t contribute or give back to Mother Earth, at least we do is not destruct her! Mother Earth treats all species equally. We don’t have the rights to harm and make Mother Earth suffer. In fact, as a species, we are given more freedom, at the very least we should respect, behave ourself and minimize our greed’s and stigma to our “Human Species”.

A major issue is the ever-growing human population, which does not align with the growth of other species like trees or animals. If the human population is not controlled, we will likely end up exhausting our resources. I can’t help but think of the olden days where people use to ride through bicycles, which causes less air pollution, but in this modern world, the air we breathe is harmful and not just to us. Those day, the sound of birds would make mornings so fresh, happy, joyful and energetic, but nowadays, we only hear the noise of cars, people fights and construction and everything unpleasant which has caused plenteous harm to all forms of life.

As a wise man said- HISTORY repeats itself. Let’s change our today and create a new era, with a change in mindset, without repeating our mistakes.

Never forget to worship the five powerful elements gifted by our Mother Earth. i.e., Sky, Air, Water, Water, Fire and Soil.

“Afterall, we (humans) are just a species!”

Written by

-Kavunder Preeti Raju

Preeti is an Environmental Science student, who is enthusiastic about Reading and writing about the environment