Humans Lockdown – Environment Finds The Key

A virus was roaming the streets in Wuhan

Taking its toll, but the world went on.

The temperature of the earth was rising on

But pollution activities carried on.

The air in Delhi was cause for alarm

But as long as it did not affect us, we were calm.

And then almost overnight the scene changed

Like a sci-fi movie, a silent war waged.

Everyone sat up and had to take notice

The threat was real, WE became the endangered species.

Factories, and traffic all came to a standstill

We were locked in and the earth began to heal!

The air cleared, the birds came back

The ozone layer too, tried a life-hack!

Dolphins and penguins reclaimed their spaces

While we all watched, with masks on our faces.

Striking a balance with nature is a necessity

We humans were made aware of this reality.

But all’s not lost in this supposed calamity

Mother nature continues giving - to boost our immunity.

All it takes from us ‘the superior’ human race

Is acceptance that no one ever wins the ‘rat race’.

We must respect the environment and show responsibility

As caretakers and not owners of the earth, it is our duty.

We certainly can never go back to the way we were

We have to get back our roots, our earth, without abusing her.

The gardens we’ve begun to nurture during this time

Are quite capable to nurture us – that’s nature sublime!

Eventually the lockdown will end and we all will be free

We’ll share our resources with the flora and fauna of land and sea.

Taking care of the environment will come naturally

Hence, ‘Save the Environment’ is a slogan I never want to hear or see!

- Teacher Joyce D’mello Fernandes

Winner of Writing Competition May 2020