Looking on the brighter side

Social media is flooded with all the things you can and should do while at home. At times when panic can easily override rational thinking, finding things that distract you from all the bad news filtering in is of utmost importance. And, while you are at it, ask yourself what do you want to achieve?

If ‘Feel Good’ is the vibe you are chasing to calm your mind from the external chaos, then you are not alone. Believe me when I say we are all in the same boat and I encourage you to look to the brighter side. Even though in this current situation, when looking on the brighter side is easier said than done, we need to remember that it is the need of the hour.

While your news feed will constantly bombard you in all latest developments and statistics of this crisis, this article aims to amuse you on the very common things that you should be grateful of while you are home :

  1. When was the last time you had a time to sort yourself through? I bet a long time ago, well now is the time for you-go give yourself a pep talk and clarity.

  2. Work from home = office work+home work (quiet literally!) and the cleaning process is sure to take you down the memory lane when you find the bits that you never knew existed.

  3. As much as you miss outdoors now, do you really miss the cramped journey of Mumbai locals? Be glad you are home for a while.

  4. Lately you are waking up to birds chirping, and how melodious it sounds! (can’t say if it is a crow!) and it is certainly better than the honks of vehicles.

  5. Family bonding is at full swing, it had been a while when all of your family members were together and chatting.

  6. Also if you do miss out on meeting with friends and maybe colleagues, remember we live in the age of 4G data connections and video calls. Schedule a digital coffee or a digital meet up. Use social Media to connect!

  7. Most importantly, be grateful for the big and small things. In times of trial like this global pandemic it is easy to allow negativity to cloud our mood. Negativity will do nothing to improve this situation but gratefulness can help buoy us through these trying times

These were a few ways that we, the GreenLine members, have been feeling good about and these motivate us to look at the positive aspect. It is quite a chaos but the state is improving and days will be better. All we have to do is stay calm, stay safe, stay home and look on the brighter side.

Panic has never helped anyone, so don’t Panic!

Monalisa Mukherjee

Programme Assistant