Mother Nature is Speaking; This time you'd better listen..

“There’s only one thing in the world I’m afraid of,”Leo grunted.

“But a lion is supposed to be fearless, isn’t he daddy?”

“Yes, but ‘The Legend ’ did the work which none could do. So along with great respect and esteem, I fear, yes I do fear him as the others do too”

“Who is he and what did he do?”

“Ok let me tell you all about it.”

I was still in my youth. Our usual meeting was ongoing. The sparrow said, “Greetings to you, My Queen. As I’ve said so many times before we are facing a shortage of cavity nesting. Due to the increased felling of trees, we are not finding trees to reside. And now, the electromagnetic fields and radiations created due to mobile towers by humans are affecting us so much that the sparrow population has come to a great retardation.”

Growling, came the tiger,“My people are facing poaching, retaliatory killing and habitat loss. We are forced to compete for space with this growing human population.”

And so, many animals complained, as they had been for the past years. The birds for the trees and flowers, the lions for the bushmeat trade, the mammals for the ship strikes and climate change, and so it went on.

Mother Nature had always replied calmly, “I know your problems, my friends. But these humans will understand. We ought to give them a chance. Maybe they’ll change. Who do they have besides me? I have to forgive them and hope for the best.”

But today, there was a change in her demeanour. She seemed like a sea who had changed from her usual calmness to a huge tsunami. She resembled the rain, habitually pleasant, to a massive thunderstorm. She roared, trembling with rage all over, “We’ve seen enough. These humans are taking us for granted. They must be taught a lesson!”

That was when ‘The Legend’ came in to punish the destroyers of nature.

And that’s how the humans who always forced us to remain trapped for the fear of them killing us, the humans who destroyed the forest, our home, they, who went so far as to deforest our Queen, Mother Nature, they, who polluted all our resources, thry who kept some of us in lockdown all our lives by keeping us in a cage or in circus, were forced to lockdown themselves in the year 2020. It was when they were taught that no one gets the better of Mother Nature. She is the hero and not them. She is our God and saviour. We must always remember that our second Mother, the Nature is as important as our first mother who gave birth to us.”

Simba said thoughtfully,“Yes daddy, it was quite a lesson.When Mother Nature speaks, we’d better listen. By the way daddy, what is the name of ‘The Legend’?”

“Oh! I’ll tell you but you must promise to never say it out loud. We must always address him as ‘The Legend’.”

“I promise.”

Leo replied in a soft voice, “It’s Corona.”

Manasi Patil

Winner of Writing Competition Held in May 2020