Tips and tricks to maintain your Indoor Plant

It is fun being a parent of a little indoor plant. An indoor plant is like that small kid that not only enhances indoors but makes it lively. It upgrades the quality of air. Research states that indoor plants such as Snake plant, Spider plant, Peace Lily, Boston fern, Bamboo palm, and so on decrease the stress level and creates a relaxed environment. When you are a parent it is mandatory to look after the growth of your indoor plant also to take care of it. So here we are hoping with some important tips and tricks to grow and maintain your indoor plant. Have a look!

Sun: Your indoor plant needs minimum sunlight for survival also indirect sunlight from windows or curtains is good enough for their healthy survival.

Plants give simple indicators if they are getting more sunlight by changing the colour of the leaves to yellow.

Water is life: But most people kill their indoor plants by overwatering them. So here is a suggestion, water your plant only if it's dry. Overwatering will lead to leaching of nutrients from the soil and may also cause root rot and we don’t want that.

Drainage holes: To avoid waterlogging, drill four drainage holes at the base of the pot. Therefore, avoiding waterlogging and not inviting the mosquitoes to breed.

Soil: Use soil which consists of all the required nutrients for your indoor plants also make sure that your soil holds enough moisture for your plants and helps your plant to breathe freely.

Bug-free: In order to keep the plant away from bugs, look for their tracks and signs. If you find any bugs use organic solutions like neem spray.

Keep a watch on leaves: Dusting leaves is necessary basically to avoid the blockage of light. For doing the same gently wipe leaves with a moist towel.

With the above tips and tricks, we hope you are now ready to foster happy vibes in your home and school with indoor plants.All the best!

Yashashree Hatankar, Programme Assistant