Waste Management

Waste Management System

The menace created by humans in terms of waste can be seen all over the world. All countries are tackling the problems of managing their waste. In India as well, many laws and regulations have been created to tackle this man-made issue.

In Mumbai city, which is a financial capital of world, there is no space to manage our waste. Our dumping grounds are running at full capacity or some even more. To solve this problem, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) came up with an ambitious plan to make citizens partially responsible for their own garbage disposal. The order stated that MCGM would not collect wet waste from complexes spread over 2 lakh sq. feet and those generating more than 100 kg waste per day. These complexes will have to take care of their wet waste on the site.

Taking this order as a reference, GreenLine along with third year BMM students from St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai set out to help put up a waste management system in residential complexes of Mumbai.

One group of students started working with a ‘Ashford Royale’ complex in Nahur. The students convinced builder of the complex and managed to get an Organic Waste Composter machine installed in the society campus. Students conducted workshops and training sessions for residents and housekeeping staff on waste segregation and instructions on how to use composter machine. By end of February, around half of the residents were successfully segregating their waste in a proper manner.

Another group of students took up the ‘Pragati Nagar Society’ from Goregaon West. Students designed posters and brochures on waste segregation which were given to all the residents as well as installed in society premises. They also spread awareness using social media applications in the residents. On the occasion of 26th January 2018, students carried out various fun games such as drawing competition for kids and other activities like musical chairs for adults which were based on the topic of waste management.

Third group students took help of another NGO ‘Eco-Rox’. They had a meeting with an officer from BMC ward office to know more about this project. They also had a meeting with other societies who were already segregating and understood the working of the system. They designed various pamphlets on waste segregation for citizens and helped Eco-Rox in their ongoing waste management projects in Nandanvan Society, Sion.

One student among this went out of her way and helped a Rustomjee International School from Jalgaon district to set up a waste management system and also held a clean-up drive in one of the public gardens.