World Environment Day

Every year, June 5 is celebrated as the World Environment Day. The United Nations (UN) named 5th June as International World Environment Day at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in 1972. The initiative was taken by United Nations to celebrate this day to spread awareness among the people and encourage them to take some actions to protect the environment. Every year the campaign is raised with some environmental issues such as global warming, marine pollution, human overpopulation etc. The theme each world environment day is set by United Nations that focus attention on some environment issues. The theme for 2019 was “Beat Air Pollution”.

GreenLine celebrated World Environment Day in Mumbai. A public awareness campaign was conducted in 3 busy locations of Mumbai city i.e. Bandstand (Bandra), Shivaji Park (Dadar) & Five gardens (Wadala). GreenLine team along with the volunteers from different colleges. We interacted with more than 150 people. The objective was to educate the people about air pollution and seek their support to help minimize the impacts of air pollution. To achieve this the volunteers approached people with attractive looking handmade frames. These frames had a slogan “Don’t suffocate our future”, which immediately received attention. Our volunteers educated the people about causes, symptoms and effects of air pollution. They also shared helpful solutions like planting and maintaining indoor plants and terrace gardens and using less air fresheners and deodorants. Such habits if adopted on an individual level would have a positive effect on air quality index. We received an extreme positive response from the citizens. It encouraged every person to give their contribution towards safety and good health of our environment and future generations.

The volunteers asked the people to take pictures with the frames and upload the same on their social media pages. This helped further spreading the awareness on a larger scale and that way the celebration came to an end and sparked hope for a better future with clean air.