Composting Workshop

Workshop Summary:

The purpose of this session was to educate people about composting and how it is an essential part of living a sustainable lifestyle. To raise awareness about the importance of sustainable waste management at the ground level in order to reduce the strain on landfills.

The session involved introduction to the basics of bio-composting & how one can bio-compost with few Steps at home with minimum requirements. It also explained how some part of our waste is actual treasure for us & the environment.

The session was a getaway for the participants to understand and learn about the importance of composting from understanding the composition required of composting to different types of composting.

The session included hands-on demonstration for participants to learn about composting from the initial concept. Composting uses and importance were also discussed in order to properly utilize compost.

The session was concluded by a Q&A section wherein people can clear their doubts.

The session as itself was very informative & practical based for the participants to understand as well as experience at the same time.