Webinar on ‘Consumerism’

To begin the new year, we organized a webinar on a rather interesting & important topic of 'Consumerism'

More than 35 participants from various age groups joined us on the Google meet platform & the speaker for this session was none other than GreenLine's former employee Ms. Monalisa Mukherjee.

The main focus was to make our participants aware of how our small action of consuming more than we need is amplifying largely in turn impacting the climate around us finally affecting us.

It was an insightful webinar on Consumerism and how it's affecting the climate as well. The speaker also highlighted ways on how we can control our urge to buy more stuff and be a conscious consumer.

After all it's our earth, and our future.

Our participants loved this approach & understood why we need to be a conscious consumer.

Overall this proved to be an insightful session for all.