Low Waste Living

The constantly changing trends & lifestyle, all aimed to make our lives easier is taking a direct toll on our environment’s health. Today very few products are sold without any packaging, & especially without plastic packaging.

To break this unhealthy chain of convenience over care, on 11 April 2021, GreenLine conducted a webinar on ‘Low Waste Living’ where we emphasized on the old school Indian way of living consciously by generating less waste.

Ms. Prakriti Bagdi from GreenLine guided the participants on various ways to reduce & manage the waste they generate while showing some interesting alternatives to daily products.

The main objective of this workshop was to encourage more and more people to segregate their waste, prepare compost & bioenzyme using the wet waste, switch to simple alternatives & finally take steps to reduce the overall waste generated in the house while adopting our age old culture of living a life with less waste.A total of 30 people from Mumbai & other parts of India attended the webinar.

The major topics covered in the webinar were:

1) Managing the existing waste : Composting & Bioenzyme

2) Reducing waste generation in the house

3) Eco-friendly alternatives to Kitchen products

4) Tackling personal hygiene along with environment

5) Travelling with less carbon footprint

7) Greenwashing & how to be aware of it

8) Working & Celebrating in environmental friendly manner

The participants loved the simple DIYs, alternatives and habitual changes that we can make in our day to day lives. They also assured us to adopt a few of them & bring a change in their lifestyle.

Post session, GreenLine shared detailed documents with them highlighting all the important information like waste management centres & Zero-waste stores from where they can shop healthier & eco-friendly alternatives.

Here are some of the feedback from our participants where they’ve shared some of their favourite takeaways & new things they’ll implement in their lives.

1) Ingrid Cyril Gomes: I will implement almost all, especially composting. The best was that the links shared about all waste management centres, etc.

2) Deepa: Carrying own containers wherever possible and using bio enzymes liquid cleaner. Travel ideas I have already been carrying out. My favorite takeaway was the use of secondhand furniture.

3) Lalita Deonalli: I will implement all those concerned in the home & my favourite takeaway were the homemade shampoo, conditioner, bio-enzyme.