Mangrove Trail

A trail to know & explore the mangrove ecosystem & its importance for the environmental wellbeing & climate safety of our nature and city.

Trail Summary

GreenLine celebrated the urban mangrove spaces around us on the occasion of International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem by conducting a mangrove trail to promote and raise awareness about mangroves in terms of improving flood resilience and ecosystem balance.

Mangrove Ecosystems are still the answer to several long-term development issues. Mangroves can serve as a foundation for better rebuilding because they provide nature-based solutions to climate change and support marine ecosystems.

The Mangrove Trail was conducted with the assistance of renowned botanist Mr. Yatin Gholap at Coastal & Marine Biodiversity Center, Airoli. The trail was a wonderful experience for participants, as it was filled with a lot of knowledgeable information & experience of nature. Every aspect of mangroves was covered under the trail from Salt glands to Vivipary.

Mr. Yatin spoke about the significance and application of mangroves as coastal bio-shields, that further play a critical role in reducing the impact of cyclonic storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis on human lives and property, were also discussed. He also explained how mangroves prevent or reduce soil erosion and increase the productivity of adjacent coastal water’s fisheries by serving as a nursery ground for commercially important fish, prawns, and crabs, as well as supplying organic and inorganic nutrients. They are also rich in biodiversity and serve as wildlife habitat.

The session concluded with a short movie at the center and positive feedback from participants. Overall, the event was a huge success, with knowledge and memories that will last a lifetime.