Mental-Root’s a mindfulness workshop by Dr. Divya Sinha

Greenline hosted a mindfulness event with mindfulness specialist Dr. Divya Sinha. On the 15th of May, 2022, the online event took place. The purpose of the event was to emphasise the need of environmental mindfulness in order to assist people comprehend the value of resources and need-based consumption in order to achieve a minimalist lifestyle and make conscious choices. Mindfulness is a psychological process that helps us be kind, inquisitive, and nonjudgmental in the present moment by increasing awareness and helping us relate to ourselves, others, and our environment with compassion.

The workshop let people realise the gap between the priorities we have now and the priorities our forefathers had, which represented the unnecessary demands we have been recreating around us just for entertainment. She also highlighted why we are so consumed with ourselves by describing concepts such as mindlessness/automated behaviour, competition, and hoarding lifestyles, which make our lives entertainment focused.The event also explained the pleasant feeling we get from seeing cleaner and greener spaces around us, emphasising the importance of living in a greener environment.

During the session, some simple exercises for practising mindfulness were also demonstrated, such as listening to mindfulness music and deep breathing for focusing on thoughts.

People were able to clear their doubts and share their experiences during the Q&A portion of the session. Some others expressed their gratitude for the meeting. We had a total of 17 participants who made this event memorable and impactful.