Monsoon Expedition

A Trail to know and explore the fearless Wildlife that surrounds us!

Session Summary:

The goal of this session was to educate people about urban spaces and the ecosystems that it supports. To raise awareness about the value of urban green spaces and biodiversity in ensuring a sustainable environment around us.

The nature trail was conducted in BNHS CEC being situated in the middle of this metropolitan city, this conservation center holds a great biodiversity value to itself. The trail began with a general introduction to the place following the leopard trail to explore the amazing floral & faunal diversity of the trail. Then moving towards the Salim Ali point for the top view of the whole park. The trail ended near a very pleasing river stream.

The trail made us witness many natural miracles like butterflies, moths, spiders, frogs & birds, an experience to remember for a lifetime.

The session made us aware about wonders of nature, as well as information on various ecosystem elements contributing towards urban green places.

The session was concluded with a Q&A session where participants can clarify any questions they may have.