Nature’s way to Recycle: Composting

A simple solution to a BIG problem of Waste: Composting!

Around 60% of the waste generated in our households consists of organic degradable waste. This waste can totally be converted into compost by following a simple procedure. Inspired from nature’s natural process of composting organic material, GreenLine organized a digital workshop on 12 June 2021, on composting kitchen waste with zero investment at home & also how composting happens at a large community level.

The main objective of the Nature’s way to Recycle: Composting webinar was to encourage more and more people to segregate their waste and compost the kitchen waste generated at home, while we guide them throughout the process. A total of 76 people from across India joined this webinar.

We had Mr. Aaditya Samant & Ms. Prakriti Bagdi as our speakers.

Mr. Aaditya Samant is currently working as an Operations Manager at Sampurnearth Environment Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. He emphasized on the importance & need of composting at community level & explained about its requirements & functioning in a nutshell. He also shared about various types of composters that are being commonly used today.

Ms. Prakriti Bagdi from GreenLine explained a step-by-step process of composting. She also emphasized the importance of balancing the compost by proper addition of Greens & Browns. In addition to this, various tips were shared to the participants on how to keep the bin safe from pests & simple remedies to composting problems faced by beginners. At the end, she also gave a live demo of how to set up a composting bin at home. After the webinar, we also shared a detailed document on the process of composting.

The webinar helped the participants to understand in detail how the kitchen waste is converted to black gold (compost) which is an organic fertilizer for the plants.

Here are some of the feedback from our participants where they’ve shared some of their favourite takeaways & new things they’ll implement in their lives post the workshop.

1) Rosette Pinto: Thank you so much for the composting webinar. It was very informative and well explained. This was a big blessing and a motivation for beginners like me to get started. Thanks for all the help & time given to this cause. :)

2) Zenobia Buhariwalla: Thank you Prakriti & Aaditya. Very informative. I hope to start composting.

You can watch the webinar on our YouTube channel.

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