Roots to Freedom

A Plantation Drive Roots To Freedom in Collaboration with IIT Bombay Team SHUNYA & NSS

Session Summary:

GreenLine celebrated India's 75th year of independence on August 15 with a plantation drive in collaboration with IIT Bombay's Team SHUNYA & NSS. The Independence Day was celebrated by plantations at different locations around Powai, Mumbai.

The plantation was done in and around the IIT Powai campus. Also, around 15 flowering plants were planted at Powai Udyan. Also, some plants were gifted to the Coast Guard apartment and the Income Tax colony. A total of 45 plant saplings were planted in Powai with banners with information about plantation and green lifestyle to promote awareness about the importance of green spaces and sustainable life in urban areas.

The participation of people and their willingness to support a sustainable lifestyle that encourages green and healthy environments made the plantation drive a huge success.