‘Tree-logy’ A Tree Appreciation Walk by Renee Vyas

GreenLine organised a tree appreciation walk on Sunday 3rd Aril, 2022, at Five Gardens, Dadar Parsi Colony, with renowned tree expert Renee Vyas. A total of 22 participants including children were a part of this event. Renee Ma’am explained to the participants about the various trees found in Dadar Parsi Colony, right from why they are named what they are named, to their pollination, flowering, fruiting, native and non-native, etc. The participants were also given some demonstrations such as the dispersal mechanism of the fruit of Berrya cordifolia, tasting the nectar inside the copper pod flower, the difference between true and false ashoka and even showed them how to play the trumpet with the leaves of Bhindi tree.

The walk concluded with a chat and snacks session where the participants cleared their doubts with ma’am and some, including Renee Ma’am, also sang songs for everyone.

It truly was a very cheerful morning.