Tree-logy - A Tree Appreciation Walk by Katie Bagli

Tree-logy, a tree appreciation walk was organized by Greenline on Sunday 24th April, 2022, at Five Gardens, Dadar Parsi Colony, under the guidance of well known tree expert Katie Bagli. As 22nd April 2022 was Earth Day, who’s theme of this year was INVEST IN OUR PLANET, this event was conducted to help our participants better understand how they can, in their little ways, invest in our planet, beginning with educating themselves. The event involved the introduction of a total number of 22 trees, with their importance, morphological description, originality & seasonality. Processes like ‘strangulation’ were explained with the example of Copper pod Tree as host plant and Banyan Tree as strangler on it. Many fun and interesting concepts such as the discovery of rubber tree and its uses, the hardiness of Bhendi tree, the rattling of Shirish pod (also referred to as women’s tongue) were demonstrated and explained during the session by Katie Ma’am.

The session ended with a Q & A session where people cleared their doubts & shared their experience. Some expressed their gratitude towards the session. Pictures were clicked before concluding the session.

With 22 enthusiastic participants, the event was a huge success, with moments & experience to cherish for all the participants.