Composting for Kids! Workshop

GreenLine organised ‘Composting for Kids!, an indoor workshop for the Green Schools Campaign’s students to help them improve the way they manage their waste by converting their trash into treasure. The workshop was conducted on Saturday 19th November 2022, at Don Bosco Provincial House AV Hall, Matunga. GreenLine’s staff member, Ashwini Jadhav, conducted the workshop. Through this hands-on session, we aimed to help children alongside their parents and teachers to sustainably manage their household waste and prevent it from going straight into landfills.

During the workshop, Ashwini enlightened students about the benefits and applications of composting at home. This helped them realise how diverting their food waste into their compost bins rather than landfills is a great and sustainable way to reduce their waste production and be more responsible citizens. The session was highly interactive as the students and teachers posed questions regarding composting such as what can go into a compost bin and what shouldn’t. Following this, the students were guided in preparing their own compost bins in empty plastic bottles. This helped them upcycle their waste bottles into something handy. They were shown how trash like food scraps and garden waste can come together with pebbles and compost to become a treasure. Even teachers and parents were encouraged to participate in the making of their own compost bottles, they excitedly took part in the activity and also helped their students.

The Programme Coordinator concluded the event by thanking the presenter and the schools for making the workshop a success. Light snacks were provided to the participants at the end of the workshop and a group picture was taken. 24 schools participated in this workshop from Mumbai and Lonavala, with a total of 75 participants.