Walk with the Grooves (Mangrove Trail)

On 20th August, 2022, the Green Schools Campaigners ventured out into the wild for their first outdoor event. A Walk with the Grooves at Godrej Mangroves not only served as a morning refresher but also a very educational excursion.

Mangrove Ecosystems are still the answer to several long-term development issues. Mangroves can serve as a foundation for better rebuilding, because they provide nature-based solutions to climate change and support marine ecosystems. Led by Mr. Hemant Karkhanis and his team (Mr. Anil and Mr. Vishal), the walk taught the students various aspects of the mangrove ecosystem, including types of Mangroves seen around (Red Mangroves, Grey Mangroves, Milky Mangroves, etc.), their adaptations and how they are unique from all other plants, how they protect us from the grunt of the ocean, and many such interesting topics were covered. The campaigners were also taken on top of a watch tower and shown the vast expanse of these privately owned mangroves, an area as big as 12 Football grounds.

The event saw an overwhelming number of 120 participants from schools from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Lonavala. The walk ended with an indoor session and a short time of fellowship. It was truly and adventurous and fulfilling experience for everyone!