Don Bosco International School - Matunga

Initiatives by Don Bosco International School, Matunga

  • Don Bosco International School, Matunga, went beyond their eco-club to involve the primary students in their Green Initiative. Students were given a task to search ‘Go Green’ games on the Sesame Street website. The game included 3 tasks earning them batches. The tasks included playing a recycling game, saving energy, and creating various paintings for parties. Through this activity, the students learnt about recycling plastic items, understood the difference between dry waste and wet waste, and learnt the importance of energy conservation by doing basic tasks like turning off the devices when not in use.

  • Students from Early years and grade 1 came dressed according to the theme 'Monsoon’. They displayed their creativity by recycling the materials and using it as props. They recited poems, sang songs, and spoke a few sentences related to monsoon. One student dressed as a farmer explaining about crops, another as a weather satellite, another as a mushroom made from old carton and one showed up as a snail made from old pipe.

  • A session ‘Oceans Are Us’, by Roots and Shoots- Jane Goodall Institute India, was conducted for the students of grades 6-9. Students learnt about the biodiversity in Ocean, they identified how climate change can affect the population of ocean creatures and the threat posed by human activities on ocean creatures and what must be done.

  • Seed Bombing and Monsoon Trek task was conducted in two stages: In the first stage, students were given an orientation on how to make seed bombs. The students were given video references including a video of their own peers showing them how to make a seed bomb. In stage two, the students went for a trek to Kothaligad in Peth Village. On the way to the top of the mountain, the students planted seed bombs all along the way. The students also picked plastic bottles and litter along the way.