Smt. Surajba Vidya Mandir, Jogeshwari – Envirothon

Smt. Surajba Vidya Mandir, Jogeshwari, planted trees at their school with the students and teachers. Students were selected to be plant warriors and trees were planted in each class across the school following which each class adopted one plant each. Students also tied rakhis on their plants to celebrate ‘Vriskshabandhan’. ‘Human beings are an integral part of the environment’ keeping this in mind students presented a skit named ‘Sting operation on Happy Baba’. This skit was enacted in order to bring about an awareness among parents and students regarding superstition being one of the causes of environmental destruction. The main objective of the play was to inculcate scientific temper, encouraging students and parents to take decisions based on evidence, reason, and logic and not blind belief. The skit focused on asking the audience to refrain from following practices like animal sacrifice and hawan which are detrimental to the environment.