School Activities

St. Joseph’s Wadala

Carpooling - Children were made aware to reduce using vehicles due to which air pollution is caused.Students were asked to carpool, travel by bus or come walking every Friday to reduce the pollution.60 – 65% of parents & students have started this activity.

Smt. Surajba Vidya Mandir

  1. Save Earth - Teacher’s workshop - A Creative brainstorming session was conducted by Mrs. Nagma Shaikh for the faculty of Smt. Surajba Vidya Mandir. ‘Save Earth’ engaged the teachers in a thought provoking activity which focused on creating a solution from animals life and their adaptability.
  2. Eco-friendly Teacher’s day - This year the students decided to pay respect & show love to their teacher’s not with chocolates or flowers but by contributing their pennies to buy indoor plants for each class that not only would aesthetically enhance the class but also result in cleaner and healthier air around them to breath.
  3. Garland Galore - students of Surajba school collected used flowers and garlands from temples, pandals during ganesh festivals and continued it throughout navratri too. Instead of these flowers decomposing in water and release harmful gases like methane, ammonia etc. which affects not only the flora and fauna of the water bodies but also the environment at large,these garlands and flowers were shredded and composted which acted as a fertilizer for the plants.
  4. MLP collection- Last collection on August 2019 was 10,000 MLPs.
  5. Poster Making Competition - Poster making competition was held for std VIII. The theme was ‘Breathe free’. An initiative taken by the ‘ECO-KNIGHTS’ to create awareness about the impact of air pollution.
  6. PowerPoint making competition - Students from secondary classes were asked to make a powerpoint presentation and they presented on various topics such as Global warming and food nutrition.
  7. PUC drive - A PUC certification check of the vehicles in the vicinity of the school and aware the individuals about the harmful effects of Carbon emissions.
  8. Awareness Rally - ‘No Dhoom, No Dhamaka, this year No Phataka.’ with this slogan the students rallied in their vicinity creating awareness among the people & the local contractor, appealing them to celebrate eco friendly Diwali
  9. Van Mahotsav- Students of grade III and IV conducted a rally as a part of their awareness campaign by forming a ‘Green Army’ of SVM. They also conducted a tree plantation drive within the campus.
  10. Bottle Gardening- Classes 7th to 8th participated in bottle gardening and hanged these bottled plants in and around the school campus.
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Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul

  1. Earth Day celebration - The students of Don Bosco nerul celebrated earth day by making posters on various environmental issues that aware everyone about the current scenario of the Earth.
  2. Independence day tree plantation - Tree plantation drive was conducted as a celebration of 73rd independence day.
  3. Innovative plantation ideas- Indoor plants were planted using innovative planters made out of coconut shells, painted tyres and used plastic bottles.
  4. Climate Awareness - Student attending the Climate Action Week workshop took an initiative to spread this awareness to their various classes.

Don Bosco High School , Matunga

  1. Eco Friendly Ganesha- This ganesh Utsav, students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga took to celebrate Ganesh utsav by creating and purchasing ganesh idols made out of clay and using eco friendly decoratives.
  2. Spreading Awareness - Nature club with the help of speeches and dialogues spread awareness about the air pollution in our city, it's sources, and how we can help in controlling it and also encouraged students to celebrate eco friendly Diwali.

Convent Girls’ High School , Prabhadevi

  1. Solar for Future - On the basis of Gandhiji’s principles workshop on use solar instrument to save electricity and conserve fossil fuels (coal) was conducted for the eco club students.
  2. Eco friendly Rangoli- A rangoli making competition using eco friendly colors and items with the central theme -Peace was organized.
  3. MLP collection drive
  4. Board Decoration Competition - On the topic of care of nature, students should their creativity along with highlighting the need to save nature.
  5. Animal bonding - Students were explained about various animals and its habitat also educating them on how to take care of them. During this the students were allowed to touch and pet these animals.
  6. Debate Competition - A debate competition on ‘Whether the cutting of Array is justified or not?’ was conducted voicing their opinions of students on FOR and AGAINST of the motion.

Sacred Heart High School & Jr. College, Vashi

  1. Visit to Yusuf Meherally Centre-A study tour cum picnic of 20 students was arranged to Yusuf Meherally Centre, a voluntary organization Tara village where the students gained knowledge in areas of Rural Development, Health Care, Empowering Women and Adivasis and Organic Farming and Vermiculture.
  2. Disposal of School Waste by SMS- dry waste which was collected from November to March to Stree Mukti Sanghatana (SMS)by our Trash Cops.
  3. Community Outreach during Vacation-Eco club members (few members) organised a sale of compost, Areca Palm saplings, Cloth bags, Fridge Magnets made from glass bottles, Planters made from plastic bottles etc.
  4. World Environment Day 5th June 2019 -To celebrate this day students prepared seed balls of different seeds like Chilli, MuskMelon, Pumpkin, Lemon etc. Various plants lie Chinese Feng Shui, Areca Palm were sold; Book marks made with seeded hand made paper and painted cloth bags were also part of the sale.
  5. Collection of MLP - As a part of vacation students collected MLPs and handed over to Safai Bank.
  6. Van Mahotsav Celebration-“THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS, LET'S TAKE A STAND TO PRESERVE THE LAND” with this motto the Van Mahotsav celebration was filled with speeches, seed ball preparation and participation of parents as a part of community.
  7. PTA Meeting - This PTA meeting Eco Cub members distributed indoor plants emphasising on the importance of green cover and the specific importance of thee plants.
  8. Demonstration of Hanging Bottle Planters- On 19th July 35 Eco club members were very excited and enthusiastic in learning how to make hanging bottles planters.planting indoor plants like Money plant in them and keeping in different classrooms.
  9. School Tree Day- 35 Eco club students had collected the milk pouches, they segregated and put mud in those milk pouches & transplanted an Indoor plant Areca Palm and an outdoor plant Almond Sapling into milk pouches from our School Campus.
  10. International Day for the Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystem - Student learnt about Mangroves and depicting this knowledge through the medium of charts and posters.